Vibrational gong Immersion with Mike Tamburo
03 Feb

Join us for this unique vibrational immersion; only Two evenings with Gong Master player Mike Tamburo.

Allow yourself to enter a timeless space of listening as Mike Tamburo orchestrates his way through 40+ overtone-rich instruments, including Gongs, Bells, Hammered Dulcimer, and tuned Metal Instruments. Mike Tamburo’s music is an adventure in listening, sonic bliss, a deep and lasting vibrational rejuvenation for body and soul; a profound aesthetic experience; a journey through the senses, and a perceptual rollercoaster. Allow yourself to be still and listen. This experience meditations where participants will be led through toning, listening, and breathing exercises accompanied by hammered Dulcimer or zither followed by an extended sound healing concert layout and relaxation performed on Gongs and Bells.

Event Times:
Exclusively at The Elliott Museum, 825 NE Ocean Blvd., Stuart, FL 34996
Please arrive between 6:00-6:30 pm to get settled in. The event will begin promptly at 6:30 pm
WHAT TO BRING: Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow, sweater, bolster, water, or anything you need to be comfortable. If you prefer, you can bring your own lawn chair

Event Location:
The Elliott Museum
825 NE Ocean Blvd
Stuart, FL  34996

Event poster