Martin County Florida
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U.S. Customs Facility at Witham Field

The beautiful seaside community of Martin County, Florida, is thrilled to welcome the new U.S. Customs Facility to Witham Field. The facility will serve marine and aviation needs, providing efficient, streamlined customs processing alongside the customized aviation services of Atlantic Aviation and Stuart Jet Center. And, of course, just around the corner is the naturally quaint beauty of Southeast Florida’s hidden gem, just begging to be explored.

The rates for the new facility are below:


Single Engine     $  30.00

Twin Engine        $  55.00

Turbo Prop         $220.00

Light Jet               $300.00

Medium Jet        $400.00

Heavy Jet            $500.00

After Hour/Overtime:    $140/hour (Two Hour Minimum Plus Regular Clearing Fee)


Mariners              $12.00/Mariner

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U.S. Customs Facility at Witham Field