Spirit Transfiguration Séance- Joseph Lobrutto
29 Oct

This Séance will be facilitated to a limited amount of participants. This event is not for you if you have doubts, skepticism, or phobia of darkened rooms. Due to the nature of this event, the environmental conditions must be of the highest vibrations. This event fills up quickly, and it is to register early.
Spirit Transfiguration was popular during the beginning of the 20th century when interest in spiritualism was at its height. Joseph has demonstrated this rare gift of transfiguration in a dark room group setting as he stands up against a black drape. You can see the ectoplasm superimposed around Joseph taking on many male and female characteristics. Ectoplasm is a light cob webbing substance that forms around Joseph’s body and is then physically manipulated by the spirit. The transfiguration may appear to be almost translucent, as Joseph’s face will disappear altogether, replaced by the features of the spirit. Many have recognized the faces of deceased loved ones and spirits of women and men in different shapes and sizes. Guides will show themselves as well as a witness has seen Native Americans, Warriors Vikings, Ascended Masters, and even some described as looking extraterrestrial. The list of sightings just goes on and on, and there have been countless entities to come through; you just never know who it might be! During the recent Transfiguration Séance, people have witnessed “Spirit Lights” all above and around Joseph’s body along with bright flashes in the room. Strange Raps and Knocks out of nowhere, along with the levitation of a small table. Joseph is now working on having spirit perform Direct Voice, Move Objects and send Apports into our physical world. Very excited to see and an event not to miss!

Event Times:
from 7:00 pm- 8:30 pm $ 45:00 pp
Please feel free to call for more information

Event Location:
The Elliott Museum
825 NE Ocean Blvd
STUART, FL  34996

Event poster