Martin County Florida
Junior Angler Tournament
Aug 02 - Aug 04

The Stuart Sailfish Club (SSC) hosts an Annual Junior Angler Tournament, one of the largest junior tournaments on the Treasure Coast. The Tournament sponsors children from the local community and from the two Florida Sheriff Youth Ranches in Live Oak and Bartow, for a day of fishing and fun. The 2019 tournament, will be held out of the Port Salerno “Pocket” with captains meeting, fishing and awards held on August 2nd-3rd, 2019. More details to be announced soon.

Previous years Tournaments have hosted more than 70 children including dozens from the Youth Ranches, giving them a real offshore fishing experience, that includes going through a true weigh in, training and more. The tournament also hosts several kids from Lahia House, an organization for underprivileged kids in Port Salerno, as well as kids from Scout Troop 888 in Hobe Sound.

The children, which also includes Club members’ children and grandchildren, as well as community residents, fish on Saturday morning, then are given training on catch and release, fishing ethics, safety and knot tying. Everyone is provided a great lunch. A large part of the experience are the raffles and awards. Each child is given a ticket for a chance to win bikes, skateboards and other fun prizes. After the awards program, each child is given a rod, reel and tackle box. Prior to fishing, each child is also given an angler bag filled with hats and school supplies.

More than two dozen volunteers help put on the successful event, including retired captains, top notch fishermen and local businesses.

Each year in the spring, about a dozen volunteers visit one of the Youth Ranches and host a fishing tournament, teaching the kids how to use the rods and reels they received at the August tournament.
It’s another opportunity for Club members to show the kids how much fun fishing can be and that there are people out here who care about them.

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