Hidden Coves for you to discover


By- Savannah Warrell

Although Martin County is known for its beautiful beaches, there are still dozens of coves hidden along its treasure coast. These coves are located mostly on the southern portion of Hutchinson Island, a natural barrier Island once used by the military to look for U Boats during WW2. Many of these small beaches and pools branch off from the main road, and most of them tourists don’t know about. I discovered some of these coves while on a drive along the coast. I was looking for a place to stop and noticed signs pointing towards Herman’s Bay, Fletcher Beach, and Bob Graham Beach. I’ve lived in Stuart since I was 7, went to surf camp with my brothers and attended the Environmental Studies Center summer program until I was too old to be a camper, and had never been to these beaches. Growing up in a small town makes you think that there isn’t anything here that you haven’t already seen, so to get out of my car and see these white, sandy, and completely deserted beaches made me feel like I was walking into another world where concrete and hotels didn’t exist. And they are all protected by the state, to ensure that they stay beautiful and wild. Besides the beaches themselves, the surf shops located all along the island guarantee that you will never be more than a mile from sunscreen and ice cream. So whether you decide to go relax at the popular Stuart Beach, or go on an adventure to find your own treasure coast, you will be sure to discover a natural Floridian paradise.



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