Every city has its own heritage


The Stuart Heritage Museum in the city of Stuart dated back to the early 1900s when George Parks built the G.W Parks General Merchandise Store. Most of all, the museum is a trademark for Stuart, Martin County’s county seat. Long ago, Stuart began flourishing when the merchandise store finished its construction. To this day, the museum preserves the history of Stuart. Most noteworthy, George Parks died by a fire accident in 1943.

The Merchandise Store

According to the Stuart Heritage Museum, The store was a two-story apartment. Customers bought from the first floor, ranging from appliances for the household to pets, mostly certain farm animals, and food supply.

Why visit the museum?

First, the Stuart Heritage Museum displays its relics while other community attractions are near the museum. Furthermore, the museum makes you feel like a time traveler traveling to the time where Florida was prominent yet an embellishing border of America from outsiders. Hence, Luckhardt stated that civilization had been “developing,” but that was merely the worry among locals until they constructed a church.

The Stuart Heritage Museum holds old photos of the railroad and local church in the flourishing city of Stuart. Furthermore, they hold traditional items from the Seminole Native Americans and historical icons such as Mr. Kittings and Trapper Nelson.


161 SW Flagler Avenue
Stuart, FL 34994


Phone number: (772) 220-4600
(772) 781-3716 fax

Dates and Time

The Stuart Heritage Museum is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.