Spirit Speaks with Beth Lynch
09 Mar

I am excited to introduce Beth Lynch, Intuitive Consultant, Medium, Author, and founder of Inner Light Teaching. Prepare yourself for an evening of inspiration, connection, and channeled messages from your loved ones in Spirit. Each event is unique as Beth taps into the audience’s energy to deliver universal and individual messages from her guides and audience members. Beth will communicate with your loved ones who have crossed over. This session allows for a personal connection to your loved ones, helping you grieve, laugh, find closure, open you to the signs, and receive the love they continue to share with you from their Spirit world. For over twenty-five years, Beth has been helping families and communities understand life, death, and the in-between.

What to Expect:
“Expect the unknown,” Beth says, and you never know what to expect when Spirit takes the wheel! Beth will begin by leading you through a short grounding meditation, creating a sacred space for your loved ones to communicate, then comes the messages. Beth will give a short talk about how her gifts came about and what it’s like to communicate with the other side, and she takes the time to explain how information comes through her. Beth cannot guarantee who will show up. Still, she can promise an evening of elevated emotions, maybe a few tears and a lot of laughs, followed by an intuitive Q & A, and an opportunity to pre-order her new book, Life, Death and In-Between, I would be honored if you joined me for a memorable evening trusting me to communicate with your loved ones.
Book can be purchased at: https://linktr.ee/bethlynchmedium444
tickets: soundvibration.net

Event Times:
The event begins at 6 PM, will end around 7:30 PM
Cost & 60.00 pp

Event Location:
Elliott Museum
825 NE Ocean Blvd
Stuart, FL  34996

Event poster