Sound Healing Full Moon Chakra Meditation Sound Bath
16 Feb

What makes this Sound Healing Bath Special?
This is no ordinary Sound Bath. Barbara Spaulding RN, Master Sound Healer, Clinical Sound Therapist, Hypnotist brings her years of training and Sound Therapy experience to each Sound Bath and therapy session she performs. Barbara plays over 30 instruments from around the world at each session including Reverie harp, monochord, Sansula, quartz crystal singing bowls, metallophone, gongs, many specialized drums, many chimes, and more. Even if you have attended other Sound Baths or meditations this one will be very special and totally blissful. No lying on the hard floor, each person comfortably lays in their own zero gravity lounge chair. As an additional bonus at the end, each person can sample the vibroacoustic sound bed which has been described as an otherworldly experience and offers many possibilities for targeted therapy for specific conditions and brainwave states. Since the studio is private there’s only room for seven lucky people in each group. The music feels like it’s being played just for you, each sound and vibration totally penetrates every cell in your body and entrains your brain into the most wonderful Alpha-Theta-Delta states of consciousness. All you have to do is relax and let the beautiful healing sounds wash over you. So don’t wait, even if you have attended other sound healing groups or private sessions this one will be totally unique, and wonderful!

Check out her website at to learn more about Sound Healing Therapy and Barbara Spaulding RN.

Tickets are available online or by calling 772-245-6515
Are you ready to experience these benefits?
deep relaxation
stress relief
calm emotions
a sense of peace in the body and mind
improved sleep
heightened awareness
clarity of mind
enhanced creativity
increased immunity
calming of the entire nervous system
The Full Moon is a powerful time to let go of what no longer serves us. A time to clear out negative energy, old beliefs, past hurts, stuck emotions, and other clutter from our body, mind, energy field, and spirit.  Allowing us to begin anew with clear intentions and balanced energy. Come release, relax, realign, and balance the chakra’s/energy centers, with the angelic tones of quartz crystal singing bowls and sound healing instruments such as chimes, gongs, monochord, reverie harp, metallophone, Sansula, specialized drums, and more.  Each chakra, or energy center in the body, is associated with a different frequency or note. Each of the crystal singing bowls is tuned to one of these corresponding chakra frequencies. You will be gently guided through releasing negative energy and balancing each chakra of your body. Quartz crystal singing bowls have both the power and potential of quartz crystal and sound. We know through digital technology that quartz amplifies, transforms, stores, focuses, and transfers energy. While the bowls are being played the group will absorb these angelic sounds and vibrations into every cell of their body. The sound of the bowls will entrain the brain to the alpha and theta brainwave states for optimum healing, balance, creativity, learning, and relaxed awareness.
*Limited to 7 people
*****Due to the Covid cases masks are required at all group and private sessions.
Because this is a small group this Sound Healing is very intimate and personal as if it were a private Sound Healing session.  Everyone has a lounge chair to lay down on in order to comfortably relax and absorb the healing sounds and vibrations. Bring your own blanket.
***** Please watch for an email from me to follow, with directions and parking information.
Paid in advance when the reservation is made. Non-refundable unless the event is canceled. Space is limited to 8 people so reserve now!
Location: Stuart Fl, 34997, Address will be disclosed on ticket purchase
For more information or to reserve your spot call Barbara Spaulding RN, Master Sound Healer and Clinical Sound Therapist at Sound Healing.772-245-6515
New to Sound Healing and my practice? Please watch the Introduction to Sound Healing Video at Introduction to Sound Healing Video
All private therapy sessions include the amazing Vibroacoustic Sound Bed (VAT) as well as varied Sound Healing instruments including quartz crystal singing bowls. Book your private session with Barbara Spaulding RN, Master Sound Healer, Clinical Sound Therapist today. Gift certificates and discount packages are available. Book Online Now

Private small group events for your family and friends can also be booked. Limited to 7 people. Call 772-245-6515 to reserve your tickets or book a small group.

Event Times:
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Event Location:
Sound Healing
Stuart, FL  34997

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