Seminole People of Florida — Survival & Success exhibition
Jul 13 - Oct 04

The Elliott Museum has unveiled the “Seminole People of Florida — Survival & Success,” an exhibit that shows the remarkable history of the Seminoles’ endurance, survival and adaptation. The exhibit, which is part of the Museum of Florida History’s Traveling Exhibits (TREX) Program, will remain through October 4, 2021 at the Elliott Museum, 825 NE Ocean Blvd., Stuart.

This exhibition will examine the Seminoles’ unique history, art and traditions. Specifically, it will focus on the rich material culture that the Seminoles created and sustained during the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. From isolation in the mid-1800s to the establishment of two sovereign tribes that oversee modern, successful businesses, the Seminole people have experienced an extraordinary journey.

The exhibit also will include artifacts from the nonprofit organization, Loxahatchee Battlefield Preservationists. These artifacts show The Battles of the Loxahatchee, which occurred west of what is now Jupiter, Florida, in January 1838 between the United States military and the Seminole Indians. Additionally, guests will see artifacts from the museum’s own Seminole collection, including Willoughby’s expedition across the Everglades in 1897, a dugout canoe, and artwork by noted artist James Hutchinson from the time he spent living with the Seminoles in the Everglades.

Event Times:
10 a.m.-5 p.m. daily

Event Location:
Elliott Museum
825 NE Ocean Blvd.
Stuart, FL  34996

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