Magick in a Bottle Green Medicine Certification
Jun 27 - Feb 20

Green Medicine Certification Program Overview

Foundations of Herbalism

June 27th: Introduction to herbalism history and principles

July 11th: Plant identification basics and introduction to herbal preparations
Western Herbalism Basics

July 25th: Understanding herbal properties and uses

August 8th: Herbal preparations – teas, tinctures, and infusions
Herbal Energetics and Traditional Medicine

August 22rd: Introduction to herbal energetics and the concept of Qi (TCM)

September 5th: Ayurvedic principles and Doshas
Integrating TCM and Ayurveda

September 19th: Comparative Herbal Energetics in TCM and Ayurveda

October 3rd: Using herbs from TCM and Ayurveda in Western herbal practice
Native Medicines and Ethical Harvesting

October 17th: Indigenous herbal traditions and native medicines

October 31st: Ethical harvesting practices and sustainable wildcrafting
Plant Cultivation and Preparation

November 14th: Growing herbs in Florida’s climate

November 28th: Harvesting and processing herbs for medicinal use
Advanced Herbalism and Case Study Preparation

December 12th: Advanced herbalism topics

December 26th: Case study preparation and documentation
Clinical Practice and Small Group Session

January 2rd: Clinical skills and client interactions
Professional Development and Graduation

January 16th: Final presentations, graduation, and next steps in herbalism

– One-on-One Session: Individualized educational goals and case study supervision
– Small Group Session: Group project and collaborative learning

Event Times:
6-8PM / Every Other Thursday

Event Location:
Spirit Well Sensory Lounge
872 South Colorado Avenue
Stuart, FL  34994

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