12 Pubs of Christmas Holiday Crawl & Toy Drive
Dec 14 - Dec 15

Manatee Pocket
Downtown Stuart
Downtown Jensen
Save the date! Best time you’ll ever have with 300 strangers and all for a good cause!
Group rates available
Also interested in being a Capitan? Hit us up and tell us why you would make a great Capitan. (6 available)

Can you survive “The 12 Pubs of Christmas Holiday Crawl”? Crawlers will have to brave the journey through Florida’s longest best kept secret, otherwise known as beautiful, historic, downtown Stuart, Jensen and The Manatee Pocket, Florida. Here in Martin County, things are always bigger and better!! 12 pubs later, you’ll be sufficiently full of holiday cheer. Along with presents from Santa, each bar will provide festive drink only specials for “The Twelve Pubs of Christmas” participants.

“Santa’s List”, aka the map and scorecard, will lead you on a jolly journey to each destination on Santa’s sled. By the end of “The Twelve Pubs of Christmas” you will have participated in a 10.6-mile adventure, enjoying delightful drink specials along the way. We will all travel as one large group (56 per bus), come with your friends and spread holiday cheer together.


Participants crawl together in large groups of 56. Once crawlers’ pickup their scorecards at the starting bar, then they travel to all the pubs listed enjoying drink specials and getting their scorecard marked at each bar.


Complete your scorecard by visiting each participating pub. As you enter the venue, your Captain will “mark” each respective bar’s section of your scorecard. You do not have to purchase a drink to have your scorecard marked.


We have a secret that is so BIG & FUN that we can not reveal at this time, however we will let everyone know that we will announce this secret Thanksgiving day!

WHAT TO WEAR: Tis’ the season for Tacky Sweaters, Mr. and Mrs. Claus, Elves, Reindeer, Snowmen, Angles, Gingerbread men/women, Christmas Trees, Lights, Drummer Boys, Snowflakes… let’s get creative!

Santa’s Rules:

1. Be Jolly.
2. Holiday apparel is mandatory. Be creative. A Santa hat is okay, but more is better like theme Santas: Elvis Santa, Sailor Santa, Rasta Santa, Santa’s naughty little helper, misfit toy, elf, Grinch, angel, Jesus, snowman, nutcracker, reindeer.
3. Twisting the holiday paradigm until it screams for mercy is fun!
Getting arrested is not. Santa Claus is friendly, respectful, and cooperative with cops, security guards, park rangers, secret service agents, bouncers, and store owners and doesn’t break any laws!!! Our Santas do not destroy property, steal merchandise, or do harm to others. The authorities and local businesses usually take Santa’s antics in the loving holiday spirit Santa intends, so be nice to them. Seriously – don’t argue. If they don’t want Santa there, Santa should move along.
4. Bring gifts – 1 unwrapped toy for a girl or a boy or both to be distributed to those less fortunate in Martin County.
5. Watching Santa loosen up and have a few drinks is fun. Babysitting drunken Santa is not. Don’t be that Santa!
6. Pay your own bar tab. Better yet, carry cash and pay for everything right away — that way all the Santas aren’t trying to close out a tab at the same time when we leave. Tip the bartenders generously for putting up with us.
7. Memorize these answers to important questions that may arise:
Who’s in charge? “Santa”
What organization are you with? “Santa”
How did you get here? “A sleigh and eight tiny reindeer”
Where are you going next? “I’m only allowed to tell you if you wear this hat and buy me a beer.”
Any other question: “HO!” (best coupled with a slight pause and a stupid look on your face).
8. Santa does NOT drink and drive!
BRING: Your 21+ ID and cash or credit card.

Doing the 12 pubs of Christmas really is binge drinking but rather than give out a tsk, tsk, tsk of disapproval we’d rather give some friendly advice.
♣ Eat well before the event is about to start. Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good thing.
♣ Tell your family of whereabouts. Some people will leave the list of pubs on the fridge door just in case.
♣ Ensure you transport home is prearranged before you start drinking.
♣ Pace yourself when drinking. Visiting 12 pubs can take time but that’s no excuse to down your pint.
♣ Drink water. A pint of water every 3 pints of alcohol might save you from a seriously bad hangover.
♣ Choosing your drinks. If no rules dictate what the drinks are on the menu then choose carefully, multiple shots in different pubs is a recipe for a disaster.
♣ Don’t be afraid to drop out. Not everyone can handle 6 pints never mind 12, don’t be afraid to call it a night.
If you do take part in the 12 Pubs of Christmas always remember, have a good time and don’t take the rules too seriously.
*all venues subject to change

Event Times:
4- midnight!

Event Location:
Martin County
Stuart, FL

Event poster