Circle Bar C Goat Dairy

Circle Bar C Dairy Goats offers fresh whole raw goat milk is available year-round in glass jars. Chevre, aged artisan cheeses and kefir are also available along with decoratively molded goat-milk soap. Products are free of added hormones and antibiotics, and come from a large, healthy, registered herd of Nubian, Saanen and LaMancha dairy goats that are routinely tested for parasites and other diseases. Their primary diet is pasture grasses and browse (on a 28 acre ranch – no chemicals!) supplemented daily with a custom mix grain and perennial peanut hay. Milking is done in a climate controlled milking parlor. Per Florida Law, raw dairy products are sold only for pet consumption under our Master Feed Permit.


Products can be found at the local green market call for more information.


Indiantown , FL 34956
772 597 1218

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