Martin County Florida
Prioritizing Water Quality
Clean local waterways are critical to our community and surrounding areas. Maintaining and improving water quality is essential to protect public health, quality of life, fisheries, wildlife and watersheds and to ensure opportunities for public recreation and economic development.

Protecting Our Water

Protecting Florida Together

Martin County is part of the Coral Reef Ambassador Initiative

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is collaborating with other key agencies to monitor and report on water conditions, starting with some areas at greatest risk, to keep you informed on water quality and what you can do.

Protecting Florida Together’s water quality status tool has been developed to deliver to Florida citizens and other interested parties information as it relates to water quality in three major waterbodies in South Florida – the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee rivers, their respective estuaries and Lake Okeechobee. These waterbodies were selected as they are currently recognized to be among those systems at the greatest risk of adverse impacts due to poor water quality.

Learn more and check water quality status by visiting ProtectingFloridaTogether.gov

Managing Lionfish in our coral reefs

Stand with the Locals

Tourism is a vital industry in Martin County that depends on the support of our local community. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us in protecting our paradise, and we urge you to stand with us in the meantime by continuing to support our many locally owned, tourism-dependent businesses. We are actively promoting the many areas of our county that are untouched and open for business, including attractions, shopping, arts, and events.

As we work to protect our paradise, it is important that we remember and share the things we love most about Martin County. While our waterways are threatened, there are still countless activities to enjoy in the area.

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Look For The Signs

The Office of Tourism and Marketing is diligently continuing to promote Martin County. We are working closely with County staff and officials to remain informed about water conditions. Martin County staff is in daily contact with the Army Corps of Engineers, Environmental Protection Agency, the Florida Department of Health and other agencies regarding the releases.

Should water conditions change, signs will be posted for safety. If there are no signs posted, the water has been deemed safe at that time and you can enjoy various water activities. If signs are posted, please avoid contact with those areas.

Look for these signs when visiting our beaches to know if it safe to swim.

Thank You!

Tourism is a vital industry in Martin County and we urge you to stand together with us in helping support our local businesses during these challenging times.