ECO PRINT ON LEATHER with Theresa Brown
Feb 06 - Feb 09

How to Ecoprint on Leather is a great introduction to the world of leather in ecoprinting and designed to be suitable for all levels of experience! Ecoprinting uses the tannins, shapes and properties of Nature’s leaves, plants and flowers to imprint those designs onto assorted substrates such as silk, wool, linen and other fibers. Leather is a particular challenge. So in this workshop, you will learn how to select, care and maintain the proper leathers that work with the ecoprinting process! Learn the techniques of creating imprints on assorted leathers with designs in color and natural.

What we will be doing: This 4 day comprehensive workshop at AYA Fiber Studio in Stuart, FL will open up a whole new world of Ecoprinting! You will learn:

· Equipment-what you need and how to use it (most of which you already have!)

· Plants-All about plants, leaves, weeds and flowers and using them on leather

· Mordants- descriptions and ratios

· Dyes- easy to use dyes for permanent results

· Care – maintaining and conditioning your leather

· Tools- the best tools for ecoprinted leather

· How to: cut your leather, hand stitch, use rivets, buckles, snaps and make a turnbuckle purse closure

· Sources for supplies

· We will be working on creating beautiful ecoprints on lambskin and top grain cowhide using Nature’s colors for a natural imprint and dyes for added color on both weights of leather. Get ready to learn the ways you can turn your beautiful leather into products to give as gifts or to sell.

Event Times:

Event Location:
Aya Fiber Studio
170 NE Dixie Hwy
STUART, FL  34997

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