Womb Magic & The Feminine Mysteries with Jessica of the Wisdom Weaving Collective
May 24 - Aug 23

Women have suffered immense amounts of trauma all throughout the world and these karmic imprints and ancestral patterns have been passed directly from through the bloodlines and from womb to womb. Females, particularly in the West, are so disconnected not just from their womb but their entire bodies in general.

Not only are they experiencing major feminine issues with their cycles or having difficulty and issues with transitions like menopause, but they are suffering from extreme states of anxiety, depression and other major psychological issues.

It is fundamental to learn how to re-connect with both our bodies and the deep wisdom of the womb. Not only does this establish a balanced and healthy state of overall function, but deeper connection to our wombs and to other women can lead to profound connection, love, inner bliss, and spiritual growth.

You will leave this circle with a knowledge of ancient spiritual traditions created by women that have been lost, stolen and/or repressed.

Meets every 4th Wednesday

6-8PM | $40 per person


Topics covered:
– The Importance of the Womb as the Holy Grail and the Sacred Chalice
– The Triple Goddess Archetypes of the Maiden, Mother, Crone, and how these relate to initiatory rites of passage and the major stages in a women’s life and her cycle.
– The Blood Mysteries the power of the menstrual cycle, and its association with the moon. The proper ritual and ceremonial uses of the menstrual blood and its role in shamanic, earth-based indigenous traditions as well as in tantric rites.

– Womb Healing: Techniques and Practices for Physical, Energetic and Spiritual Clearing and Purification
– The Womb and Ancestral Karma, Transference of Samskaras, Soul Imprints and the Akashic Records
– Attunement and Sacred Embodiment Practices
– How to Use your Womb as an Oracle, Cultivating Intuition and Practicing Divination
– Secrets of Feminine Alchemy and Activating the Inner Ankh
– Womb Magic and how to Create a Womb Altar


Jessica Jane Poirier has developed an integrated approach to womb work based upon her background in Gnosticism and Hermeticism, coupled with her experience in the Far Eastern magical traditions and practices of Daoist internal alchemy. Her involvement in indigenous and shamanic/earth-based traditions, as well as her own personal background working through early years of trauma and healing modalities has also contributed much to this work and the call to offer it publicly to women.

Jessica has an academic background in mathematics and science, yet has been a mystic her entire life. She has formal initiation in a lineage of Eastern magic of which she is an avid practitioner, formal initiation in a Hermetic lineage, as well as direct inner initiations in the gnostic mysteries. As a seasoned female practitioner of inner alchemy, she is committed to sharing this deep womb work with others, particularly because many of the current spiritual traditions and their approach is male-dominated. Jessica draws upon her female experience in Eastern esoteric traditions like Daoism, and integrates it with her Gnostic, Egyptian and Hermetic roots, together with her experience in indigenous ceremonial practices.

One of the most powerful initiations she ever had was the sacred rite of passage into motherhood. She was guided by the Great Mother herself throughout the entire process, even before the actual conception. What it takes to become a mother and to embody this archetype of the divine feminine fully and in complete surrender to the Great Mystery has been her focus and also her inspiration to share this deep inner work with others.

Event Times:
06:00PM - 8:00PM

Event Location:
Spirit Well Sensory Lounge
872 S Colorado Ave
Stuart, FL  34994