Vitual Singing Crystal Bowsl Meditation
14 Jul

Every Tuesday @ 2 PM ( EDT) from The Elliott Museum

Join Deena Rahill, founder of HI Mindfulness Forums, for weekly Virtual Crystal Bowl Vibrational Healing from the Elliott Museum’s Theater. Experience an hour of the pure bliss of sound vibration. Research has shown that a clear intention (which is an art of a focused and coherent mind) coupled with an elevated emotion such as joy, gratitude, freedom, and compassion (which is a function of the heart), changes people’s state of being. Make time for yourself to get beyond your body and disconnect from your environment. Allow yourself to transcend to the world of sound and vibration.

Deena Rahill will help bring you into a state of peace and relaxation. To participate, go to Facebook page at

You also can tune into Deena’s new YouTube channel, which features past sessions including this one. Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT! Thank you in advance! If you wish to connect with Deena, text or call her at 786-488-7782.

Event Times:
2 PM ( EDT)

Event Location:
the Elliott Museum
Stuart, FL  34996

Event poster