Speaking to Heaven- Joseph LoBrutto Most Beloved Medium
12 Jun

America’s Most loved Medium Joseph LoBrutto III
Have you ever had a feeling as though someone was in the room with you even though you knew the doors were locked and you were alone? It happens to me all the time. Most people think of the line, ‘I see dead people,’ made famous by the movie ‘The Sixth Sense’ and such shows as ‘Ghost Whisperer’ and ‘Medium’ as a joke, but it’s something that truly happens and it’s been happening to me since I was a child. It’s certainly been an exciting journey to get where I am today!

Joseph LoBrutto III has been TESTED AS LEGITIMATE by the Medium Channel with an accuracy rating of over 90% in his psychic and mediumistic ability. He has received several awards, and Joseph is listed as one of the Top 100 Psychics in America. Witness Joseph’s outstanding demonstration of his Evidential Mediumship style as often seen on TV! During his gallery, he brings through clear evidence about your loved ones in spirit, often clarifying questions you might have had since their transition. Recognized as a loving bridge to the departed, he brings comfort and joy as he randomly reads for the audience members delivering heartfelt messages that will make your evening an unforgettable experience.

Event Times:
Event begins at 2:00 PM- 4:00 PM , space is limited, sells out quickly, Please call for information 786-488-7782
Tickets: https://joseph-speaks-to-heaven-event.eventbrite.com
$ 65 in advance $ 75 at the door

Event Location:
The Elliott Museum
825 NE Ocean Blvd
STUART, FL  34996

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