Sound Healing Solstice
21 Jun

Experience an hour of the pure bliss of sound as we harness the Summer Solstice powerful energy!

The Summer Solstice meaning is a time when powerful magic can make manifest positive and significant changes to the material wealth, prosperity, love and happiness of people who take time to honor and celebrate Midsummer Day.. The energy on and around the Summer Solstice is one of passion, vitality, creativity, vibrant health, and abundance. It is a very powerful energy to release what no longer serves us and to harness new energy.
Traditionally, this is a time of new beginnings. It’s associated with fire, passion, and renewed energy; but also with slowing down and releasing things that no longer serve you, letting the fires of the season cleanse away the past to make room for new growth. It’s also about reconnecting with the earth and embracing the creative and nurturing forces within and around you. Vibrationally, it’s said to be a time that involves opening the energy centers energy: the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras, heart, third eye, & crown- for free flow of energy

Sound Vibration (often known as sound healing or sound bath) is an ancient practice allowing sounds to assist in reaching a deep state of relaxation. It’s an invitation into an opportunity to disconnect from your busy life and external stimuli, allowing your healing to take place. During the event, participants lie down and are bathed head to toe in sound vibration — it’s an ethereal experience. You will come away with a clear mind and a deeper appreciation for the wonder of sound.

Event Times:
6-7:30 pm
What to do and what to bring:
Event sells out quickly- limited space available
Please arrive 15 minutes before the event begins, I promtply start at 6:00 PM
Location: The Elliott Museum, 825 Ne Ocean Blvd, Stuart, FL, 34996
Please abstain from wearing heavy perfumes
The theatre is located upstairs in the middle of the museum
Upon arriving, please use the restrooms and turn off your phones.
No call No show- No refund
Cancelation within 24 hours, credit will be applied to another time.
Wear comfortable clothes, bring yoga mat, pillows, blankets and anything you need to be comfortable
Weightless chairs can be reserved by calling or texting 786-488-7782- weight limit is 250 lbs

Event Location:
The Elliott Museum
825 NE Ocean Blvd
Stuart, OR  34996

Event poster