Sound Healing and Hypnosis “Hypnosound”
20 May

Are you ready to feel amazing?

This is a revolutionary therapeutic combination of Sound Healing and Hypnosis that goes deeper and deeper through the layers of the physical, mental, spiritual, and energetic bodies. You feel euphoric peaceful bliss, rejuvenated, calm, happy, and exhilarated all at the same time. Don’t miss this amazing experience!

Mary Southworth Youngblood, Certified Hypnotist, Psychic/Medium, Spiritual Guide, and Barbara Spaulding RN, BSN, Certified Master Sound Healer, Clinical Sound Therapist, Hypnotist, team up to create this incredible experience. You won’t want to miss it!

This groundbreaking combination of Sound Therapy and Hypnosis is extremely powerful taking you into a state of multidimensional quantum healing. We have created an amazing new experience and healing modality. While you relax lying down on a zero gravity chair, RN, Master Sound Healer, Clinical Sound Therapist Barbara Spaulding takes you to a relaxed, peaceful, vibrational state, completely clearing your mind with specialized drums, gongs, chimes, harps, and other soothing sounds and vibrations. Mary Southworth Youngblood, Certified Hypnotist, Psychic/Medium, and Spiritual Guide then uses her hypnosis techniques to gently guide you into a trance state allowing you to go deep into your subconscious mind. From this trance state, she guides you through releasing and healing on a multidimensional level. She then leaves you in your happy relaxed place as the sounds of quartz crystal singing bowls continue to transform your mind, body, and spirit into a state of transcendence. Peaceful chimes and birds begin to bring you back into full consciousness as you are awakened back into the here and now, fully alert and feeling amazing!

****New to Sound Healing and my practice please watch the Introduction to Sound Healing Video on my website. Click here to watch.

********Masks and Social Distancing required.
As an RN, I will be following strict infection control procedures including requiring proper fitting masks, covering the mouth and nose, to be worn until further notice. My highest priority is to keep my clients healthy. To be able to social distance, I will be holding limited small group events in addition to my private sessions. Thank you for understanding.

This will sell out fast and is limited to 5 people!

***** Please watch for an email from me to follow, with the address, directions, and parking information.

Non-refundable unless the event is canceled.
Space is limited to 5 people so reserve now!

Location: Stuart, FL 34997 Address disclosed with ticket purchase.

For more information or to reserve your spot call Barbara Spaulding RN, BSN, Master Sound Healer and Clinical Sound Therapist at Sound Healing.772-245-6515 or 518-538-1928

Event Times:
7:00pm - 8:30pm

Event Location:
Sound Healing
Stuart, FL  34997

Event poster