Shamanism Basics
Apr 11 - Apr 25

During this event you will :

– Learn basics of shamanism
– Meet your guide
– Meet your protector
– Journey to form relationships with guide and protector
– Receive information to solve situations.
– Gain confidence to journey on your own!

About Your Hostess:
Shamanically named “The Sound of Spirit’s Hum at the Edge of the Rainbow,” Patricia is an intuitive shaman who loves to show people how to bring energy practices to everyday life.

Patricia’s shamanic medicine is Angel Medicine which she combines with energy techniques such as Reiki to provide comprehensive healing sessions, unveiling, revealing, and transmuting the underlying discords of dis-ease.

Patricia’s personal philosophy of striving to be totally guided by Spirit in every moment (however that manifests – as intuition, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, claricognizance) is very much evident in every healing and teaching situation.

Event Times:

Event Location:
Spirit Well Sensory Lounge
872 South Colorado Avenue
Stuart, FL  34994

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