Know Your Chakras
22 Feb

by Wendy Becerra

1-1 1/2 hours


The chakra system is a model for the flow of subtle energy that runs through all life and through the human energy system. If one’s chakra system is in balance with no blockages then he or she is in the healthiest energetic state. However, when energy becomes stuck within a chakra, it can manifest into mental, physical and emotional imbalances, ranging from physical symptoms within the body to emotional outbursts and feelings.

Our chakra’s well-being (or lack thereof) affects and influences everything in our daily lives.

⚡️Scared of speaking your truth? Your throat chakra is blocked. ⚡️Worried about money all the time? Your base chakra needs some attention. ⚡️Have issues with your sense of worth? Your solar plexus needs some support. ⚡️Is your sense of intuition off? Your third eye needs opening or clearing. In this workshop we will explore: ❤️Each of the 7 Main Chakras ?How to tell if your chakra system is clear and balanced

⭐️What to do if your chakras are out of alignment ?How unbalanced chakras affect every aspect of your life ?What crystals to work with to balance your chakras ? Other tips, tools and techniques to keep your chakras in alignment When you learn and comprehend that you can master your own energy field, you will  find a level of empowerment and vitality that enables you to find and fulfill your life purpose.

Understanding your energy system is the first tool to healing what may be out of balance or deficient in your life.

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Ubuntu Fish Gallery
508 SE Osceola St
Stuart, FL  34994

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