Full Moon Sound Bath Magical World Vision Journey
27 Dec

Magical World Vision Journey Sound Bath
Did you know that the full moon puts out a supposedly negative frequency of 12 Hz? Well, perhaps that’s why things can get crazy on the full moon. Let us counteract that negative frequency by taking a beautiful world vision journey of sound created by RN, Master Sound Healer Barbara Spaulding with over 60 world sound healing instruments. Relax and let go with an ethereal magic carpet ride of sound-evoking beautiful visions of places, animals, beings, and magical worlds of bliss and harmony. As your brainwave state lowers you relax and slip into a deep meditative journey beginning in an idyllic garden feeling peace and unconditional love as all your worries and concerns melt away. You hear the sounds of water flowing, birds chirping, the leaves on the trees rustling in the wind, and a thunderstorm erupting. You enter an untouched ancient forest and hear the voices of its hidden creatures and the trees speaking to each other. Ancient bells and birds call to you as you take flight on the wings of an Osprey. You are transported to the seaside as you hear waves, dolphins, whales, and wind chimes blowing in the summer breeze. You travel to the sacred temples of India and more. The journey continues with over 60 amazing world sound healing instruments from ancient and modern cultures and countries including Egypt, Peru, India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Japan, Africa, Bali, Burma, Indonesia, Thailand, Germany, Chili, Native Americans, the Incas, and more. This is not just your average sound bath but a creative journey of sounds visions taking you on a world journey of sound. Where will your visions take you? Come take this heavenly journey only at Sound Healing!
Are you ready to experience these benefits?
deep relaxation
stress relief
calm emotions
a sense of peace in the body and mind
improved sleep
heightened awareness
clarity of mind
enhanced creativity
increased immunity
calming of your entire nervous system
Production of more Nitric Oxide in your body brings healing oxygen to every cell
Toning of the vagus nerve which controls every system in our body and boosts the immune system and the happiness chemical dopamine

This is no ordinary Sound Bath. Barbara Spaulding RN, Master Sound Healer, Clinical Sound Therapist, Master Sound Healing Therapy Teacher/Trainer, and Hypnotist brings her 10+ years of training and Sound Therapy experience to each Sound Bath and therapy session she performs. Barbara plays over 60 instruments from around the world at each session including the Reverie harp, monochord, Freenotes, Sansula, quartz crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, metallophone, gongs, many specialized drums, chimes, and more. Even if you have attended other Sound Baths or meditations this one will be very special and totally blissful. No, lying on the hard floor, each person comfortably lays in their own zero gravity lounge chair. As an additional bonus at the end, each person can sample the vibroacoustic sound bed which has been described as an otherworldly experience and offers many possibilities for targeted therapy for specific conditions and brainwave states. Since the studio is private there’s only room for seven lucky people in each group. The music feels like it’s being played just for you, each sound and vibration totally penetrates every cell in your body and entrains your brain into the most wonderful Alpha-Theta-Delta states of consciousness. All you have to do is relax and let the beautiful healing sounds wash over you. So don’t wait, even if you have attended other sound healing groups or private sessions this one will be totally unique, and wonderful!
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Event Times:
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Event Location:
Sound Healing
Rocky Point
Stuart, FL  34997

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