Nov 18 - Nov 30

The workshop will be focused on designing and making a one-piece fashionable and wearable Nuno felt from scratch. Students will learn how to transform a felted garment into a form of self-expression fashion using wool and silk. Students will explore the various ways of making reversible garments, they will explore how to incorporate textures and pleats to create rough surfaces using different techniques and materials and still have a well-balanced garment. The only limit during these three days will be you be your imagination. They will learn how to enlarge a normal pattern into a felting pattern using the simple basic and experimental techniques I use in my work. Play with shapes, adding volume to the silhouette while keeping the specific body type in mind. This is a very effective method that will help them develop their own pattern template that will suit and fit their body shape. Even more, you will end up with a lot of new creative ideas to be able to create unique pieces. Most importantly they will learn how to work with the direction of the wool to achieve personalized style. The direction of the wool is very important in determining the shrinkage, styling, and shaping of the felted finished garments

Event Times:
9:00 am- 4:00 pm

Event Location:
Aya Fiber Studio
170 NE Dixie Hwy
STUART, FL  34997

Event poster