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Whether you are looking for a quiet nature walk, a paddle on the river or an exciting fishing excursion, Martin County has it all. From reefs to wetlands, you will find an array of unique ecosystems waiting to be discovered. Martin County directly manages approximately 35,000 acres of environmentally sensitive lands. With ecological restoration as a high priority, the county carries out quality projects that meet our community’s needs while also playing a vital role in support of improved public access to public lands. We hope you enjoy these beautiful ecological sites and remember to “take only pictures and leave only footprints.” Learn more about Martin County’s partnership with Leave No Trace by clicking here.

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Martin County is home to a variety of nature-based activities. Explore your interests HERE!


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Our Nature

From the extremely diverse Indian River Lagoon to ancient forests, Martin County is home to a variety of unique flora and fauna. Click below to learn more.

Our Preserves
Martin County manages over 35,000 acres of environmentally sensitive land, much of which has been established as preserve land open to the public. Click below to learn more about Martin County's various preserves and see which one you want to explore!
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Our Ecosystems
Martin County is home to a diverse array of fascinating ecosystems, each with unique flora and fauna that can be discovered. Click below to learn about Martin County's diverse ecosystems and how to explore them responsibly!
Our Ecosystems


Ecotourism is more than just experiencing the environment, but taking steps to ensure its protection as well. Whether you’re a visitor or a resident, there are many actions that you can take to help protect the resources that make Martin County so special, such as spending the day volunteering with a local organization or learning how to enact Leave No Trace.

Martin County is taking many steps to promote sustainability and conservation through our various partners and environmental initiatives. Learn more about how you can help Protect our Paradise below.

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