Ubuntu Fish Gallery

Ubuntu is an ancient African word that means “I am because we are”. It is a philosophy by which we live our lives, run our business, and is a beautiful reminder that we are all in this together.

Ubuntu Fish Gallery is an artists’ gallery and intuitive lounge created by artists for artists and those who desire to (re)connect with their creativity and spirituality. Our intention is to create a safe and comfortable environment where the gifts of creativity and spirituality can flourish in tandem.

Ubuntu Fish Gallery is a lovely little art gallery, featuring the artwork of Dana Sardano, owner and resident artist. This quaint and inviting gallery also hosts a gift shop, featuring unique, handcrafted artwork from local artists. The moment you enter this sacred space, you can feel the love and passion of all who were involved in creating it, and the moment you walk through the door, Dana makes you feel comfortable and at home.

Ubuntu Fish not only showcases your favorite local artwork but it also offers spiritual readings, workshops, and events that inspire creativity and personal growth. From Energy 101 and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis workshops to Paint Your Joy classes, Ubuntu Fish encourages the relationship between creativity and spirituality and contends that when both are nurtured, they most definitely grow in tandem.

With all of that said, if you’re interested in nothing more than just looking at pretty things, come by Ubuntu Fish Gallery. We have plenty of those too!

508 SE Osceola St.
Stuart , FL 34994
(772) 210-2931
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