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Riding The Waves Treasure Coast

Spectacular Boat Tours of Florida’s Eastern Waterways
Experience the beauty of Florida’s East Coast from the water with Riding The Waves-Treasure Coast. During our guided boat tours, you’ll learn all about our local ecosystem and natural environment from a certified Florida naturalist as you cruise along with a friend in your own private catamaran. It’s the perfect way to spend a day on the waves and explore this beautiful part of the world.

Intro to Eco Tour: 1 hour: $55 per person
Join us on a brief adventure around the Stuart waterways. This tour will give our guests a taste of just how versatile and fun our personal power catamarans are. As we cruise across the North and South Fork Rivers you’ll witness the diversity of Florida’s Treasure Coast ecosystem.

St Lucie River Tour: 1 1/2 hours : $75 per person
Join us on a fast paced adventure along the St. Lucie River. As we glide across the Stuart waterways, you’ll experience our Eco system and waters like never before. So join us on a thrilling adventure and witness the diverse wildlife that surrounds our coastal community.

Coastal Cruising Eco Tour: 2 1/2 hours: $125 per person
Experience the unparalleled beauty and wonder of Florida’s Treasure Coast. Join us on a two and a half hour narrated tour and navigate the intra-coastal waters. Feel the warm sunshine and salty breeze as you explore mangrove estuaries, seagrass flats, sandy beaches and the wondrous wildlife that call these habitats home. During our adventure your guide will point out historical areas as well as any wildlife we may encounter along the way. Some of our regulars that we see include a smiling dolphin, diving pelicans, grazing manatees, and beautiful Flora. So, whether you’re a local or just visiting from out of town, exploring Stuart’s waters is a must. And there is no better way to tour and explore than by Riding The Waves.

Twilight/Sunset Eco Tour: 3 hours: $150 per person
Explore Florida’s Treasure Coast waterways in a brand new light. Join us as we set out later in the afternoon for a tour that extends into the twilight hours of night. As we cruise along the coastal waters our guests will enjoy the opportunity to see what our boats can really do out on open waters. We will stop off at one of our amazing Intra-coastal Beaches to check out the ever-changing tidal pools and to watch as the sun starts to sink below the horizon. Watch as bright stars begin to twinkle overhead as night falls on another perfect day of Riding The Waves.
Riding The Waves-Treasure Coast is a branch of the original Riding The Waves on the West Coast of Florida. We are locally owned and have lived

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