5 Reasons to Resolve to Visit Martin County in 2017

With the beginning of each New Year comes a new list of resolutions! Here are 5 reasons to resolve to visit Martin County in 2017.

Beautiful Beaches

Nothing soothes a weary soul like the sound of the sea and the feeling of sand between your toes. Home to 25+ pristine beaches, Martin County offers a wide array of locations for you to find your beach bliss in 2017. 

Relax and Reinvigorate

2016 was tough. You deserve some major relaxation time and Martin County can provide just that. Whether your definition of relaxation is sitting by the beach, shopping the day away or communing with nature – Martin County can deliver the perfect relaxing experience for you in the New Year.

Delectable Dining

Instead of resolving to cut calories – why don’t you resolve to eat better calories? Martin County is home to a plethora of remarkable restaurants that serve up everything from fresh seafood to Asian fusion to good old’ fashioned barbeque. Make a resolution to dine by the ocean or enjoy the company of your family at these family-friendly restaurants in 2017.


Outdoor Experiences

Spend more time outside in 2017! With over 93,000 acres of conservation land and parks, Martin County is the perfect place to connect with nature. Add these Martin County hiking trails and these ways to get up close and personal with Martin County’s wildlife to your 2017 bucket list.

Retail Therapy

Resolve to treat yourself in 2017! You worked hard all year long and it’s time to spend some of your hard-earned cash on adorable, Martin County mementos. We suggest adding all of the stores on our shopaholic’s guide to Martin County to your 2017 to-do list. Your closet will thank you!

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